Lake, Water, and Riparian Rights Law

Lake, Water, and Riparian Rights Law; Pier and Easement Disputes

Indiana is one of only a handful of states that has a large number of natural lakes and watersheds.  Because of that, there are many opportunities for lakefront property and real estate related legal services.  Issues can arise which involve disputes over the location of piers, docks and lake or water access rights through easements.  Also, regulation of the Public Freshwater Lakes of Indiana by the Department of Natural Resources (“DNR”) and the Natural Resources Commission (“NRC”) means that our clients need assistance with permitting and regulatory matters required for construction, development and land use around lakes, rivers and watersheds. Our lake and water law practice group is unique in that a relative few lawyers in Indiana and the Midwest practice in this area of the law.  For that reason, we maintain a statewide practice handling cases and issues involving disputes surrounding lakefront and other waterfront easements, pier or dock permits, disputes surrounding the location or encroachment of piers, property line disputes, lake zoning and construction issues, and rights to access and use lakes and other bodies of water.  This includes representing clients in matters litigated before administrative agencies such as the DNR and NRC, as well as, in the state trial and appellate courts throughout Indiana.

As discussed above, our lake and water law practice also includes substantial experience in assisting clients with DNR and NRC permitting and regulatory processes, as well as many other matters involving property rights related to Indiana’s hundreds of natural and man-made lakes and streams.

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